Participation in Events

Palmieri Tecnologia values participation in various industry events, both as an organizer and as a participant, recognizing networking as an important way of exchanging knowledge and learning.

Our network of contacts covers a wide variety of segments related to the technology sector, from academia, represented by several educational institutions, to companies whose main focus is technology, as well as government bodies and civil entities.

Therefore, we understand that Palmieri Tecnologia operates in two event segments: participation in events and giving lectures.

When participating in events, our professionals' main objective is to share knowledge with people. We believe that the greatest wealth of human beings is knowledge and wisdom, which can be divided and multiplied.

We recognize that having a profession or a degree does not automatically grant us wisdom. The search for the much-acclaimed culture is much more complex, involving contact with a wide range of information on different topics. To establish good relationships with different people, knowing the recipe for a good brigadeiro can often be more important than solving a mathematical equation.

Although academic training complements our repertoire and broadens our perception of the world, it is important to understand that this is only a small part of the whole. No one has all the knowledge, and in an increasingly interactive world, it is essential to understand that having general knowledge is much more valuable than being a specialist in a specific area.

At Palmieri Tecnologia, we believe that, by adding new experiences, even the most talented people will not be able to do everything alone. The strength of teamwork complements individual weaknesses, providing personal satisfaction in helping others.

We are always available to participate in events that value these principles and beliefs, and we are committed to contributing to an environment of learning and knowledge exchange.

Event organization

Palmieri Tecnologia is the perfect partner to make your events an absolute success. With extensive experience in organizing congresses, seminars, workshops, fairs, openings, launches and celebrations, we are ready to exceed your expectations and boost your business.

We understand the strategic value of events in a highly competitive scenario. The opportunity to be face to face with potential consumers is an advantage that cannot be missed. That's where we come into action.

Our specialized team has specific knowledge in developing concepts and formatting events, ensuring that every detail is carefully planned and executed. Furthermore, we have the ability to prepare projects to request resources from funding agencies, providing even more possibilities for holding high-impact events.

We offer a wide range of professional services, including event organization, personalized formatting, assistance in hiring suppliers, effective promotion, strategic marketing planning and a full executive secretariat. Each step is carefully monitored, from pre-event planning to flawless execution during the event and post-event activities.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We are ready to understand your needs, objectives and expectations and offer tailored solutions to ensure the success of your events. If you're looking for amazing results, let us show you how we can make a difference.

Fill out the form below to request a personalized quote and we will be happy to present a proposal that meets your specific needs. Count on Palmieri Tecnologia to make your events unforgettable and boost your success. We look forward to being part of your path to success.

"There is no greater wealth than knowledge, nor poverty than ignorance."