Hardware Development

You imagined an equipment, but do not have the team and technical knowledge to develop, we have qualified teams to develop your equipment. It doesn’t matter if it looks complicated, we’ll develop it for you. Palmieri Tecnologia has experience and competence in the most diverse technologies for the development of this equipment that you are imagining: • RISC microcontrollers. • Microprocessors. • Modems and other wired or wireless data transmission devices. • Switching power supply to reduce consumption and heating. • Displays. • Communication between the same or different equipment or with PCs. • Design in SMD or Through-Hole or hybrid technology. We act as an extension of our partners' team capacity to find solutions to technological problems and create new products.

Firmware Development

We have considerable experience in developing firmware for embedded systems, developing applications to run on embedded systems and software applications for computers and remote servers. We use the major software languages such as Phyton, Java, C and C++, and most of the applications for embedded systems we write are made in C. We adopt Linux as the operating system, however, depending on the application we use real-time operating system [RTOS]. When the project is intended for defense, we use SCA as a software architecture. All projects are written to repository in bitbucket or SVN structures with private access keys, and the client tracks progress throughout development. Our knowledge is reflected in projects using devices from the Power PC/QUICC family, ARM, and in projects with DSPs. When it comes to web applications, we use XML/HTML, REST and JASON as communication. Areas of Expertise Code implementation in any architecture or system, BSP development Firmware development using RTOS or Embedded Linux Communication Protocols [UART, CAN, PCM, TCP/IP, I2C, SPI] Wireless Communication Protocols [802.15.4, 6lowPan, Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRaWAN, SigFOX] Development of Mobile&Web applications, Applications using Coap, MQTT and XMPP, iOS and Apple Apps we plan the applications using the concept of 'storyboard' with the requirements planned by the client. Development of systems and applications for RFID, Middleware

"The creation of something new is consummated by the intellect, but awakened by the instinct of a personal need. The creative mind acts on something it loves."