Speed Test nPerf®

nPerfₒ accurately determines the capacity of your internet connection.

The speed test is made from a unique algorithm that allows you to accurately measure the bit rate downloaded and loaded as well as the latency of your connection.

nPerf‍ has a network of dedicated and optimized servers to deliver the bit rate needed to saturate the connection in order to obtain a reliable measurement.

Speed Test nPerfₒ is compatible with all types of connection : ADSL, VDSL, cable, fiber optic, satellite, wifi, Wimax, mobile, etc.

The measurements made by nPerfₒ are recorded in a database that serves for the publication of nPerf barometers.

Objectives of the nPerf®
nPerfₒ aims to help you measure the quality of your internet connection.

nPerfₒ was developed in Lyon, France, by a team of experts passionate about telecommunications. They also care about giving you a complete, reliable, ergonomic and efficient tool.

Key data
nPerfₒ already has several million tests performed and more than 1 billion measures per year for the mapping of mobile networks. The nPerf server network comprises more than 350 servers across the world with a total bandwidth of more than 1 Tb/s.